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ELearning platforms are used by several industries, most commonly deployed for the purpose of training healthcare professionals through Contuing Medical Education (CME) platforms. Combining textual information, graphs, links, interactive testing components, and (most typically) audio and/or video, eLearning platforms are complex interactive multimedia applications that instruct users on advanced topics that would typically require coursework to fully master. By moving course content from the classroom and other traditional forms of in-person instruction such as lectures, conferences, and the like, labor expenses associated with instructors are reduced, the quality of the training is made consistent across time, instruction becomes self-paced, and evaluation is standardized.


Perhaps the most important advantage that eLearning platforms offer is the ability to target multiple learning styles simultaneously through synchronized media development. By combining texts with audio, video, and animation, while also allowing for the incorporation of interactive components incorporated consistently throughout the learning experience, eLearning platforms allow users to see, hear, read, and participate in their reception of the course materials. Furthermore, eLearning platforms can deploy interactive user interfaces (such as used with DDA's SmartSite™ technology) that allow users to choose exactly which types of materials they want to review and save specific information for easy reference later, thus tailoring the experience to the unique learning styles of the individual user. It is this interactive multimedia experience that lies at the heart of what eLearning is all about.

Virtual eLearning Environments

It is no secret that true material proficiency is the result of hands-on experience. Whether you are teaching a trainee on the use of machinery or detailing the steps of a medical procedure, confidence is not achieved until acquired knowledge is put to task. This, however, requires risk. Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA) reduces training hazards with the creation of life-like virtual learning environments that are powered and controlled by the user. If an incorrect action is made, trainees will experience the simulated consequence and learn to refine and perfect their skills before actual workplace implementation. With an in-house team of graphic designers, animators, illustrators, and programmers, DDA builds virtual environments that rival real-world experiences. Train effectively, efficiently, and safely with the leading eLearning and virtual environment developers—DDA.

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